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Part-time Pastoral Intern

Title of Position: Pastoral Intern

Rooftop Church is a 20-year old church in an inner suburb of St. Louis, MO. We are an independent, non-denominational evangelical church that draws all sorts of Christians and seekers together in the search for God’s truth and love.

General Description of Position

The Pastoral Intern is a part-time staffer who will provide leadership over key ministries and ministry leaders, lead one or two small groups, assist with occasional Sunday morning teaching (if qualified), help support staff members in their ministries, and help lead the follow-up and connections ministry. The Intern will also receive opportunities to be mentored by Rooftop staff and participate in the general life of the church and to discover his or her gifts—all in preparation for a life of vocational ministry as a pastor or church-planter. This internship lasts a minimum of one year and can be extended.

Hours per week

15-25 hrs/wk—depending on availability and interest. These hours do not include normal involvement in the Church, which is to be expected of all Christ-followers. If the intern attends a church function he/she has no responsibilities over (such as a worship service, small group, etc.), he/she should not receive compensation for those hours. (Questions about this can be directed to the Lead Pastor.)


The Church Intern will be overseen by the Lead Pastor.

Initial Pay & Benefits

No benefits. Competitive hourly pay. If in school, tuition reimbursement may be available.

Vacation & Time off

The Church Intern is allowed (and encouraged) 2 weeks off per year, (including five absences from Sunday morning services per year), assuming he/she can make arrangements for his responsibilities in his/her absence. All vacation days and absences from the church office should be approved by the Lead Pastor. Vacation time not paid.

Start Date



Given the importance of maintaining a flexible schedule with which to meet people, the Church Intern is allowed to maintain his/her own work-time hours and work remotely when necessary—according to the approval of the LP. Certain hours of the week will be considered “staff office time,” in which all staff members are expected to spend the majority of the day in the office. (Exceptions made as necessary.) Records of hours will be turned in weekly to the LP, for accountability’s sake, and to be able to calculate payroll.

Cell Phone & Computer

Not provided.

Reimbursements & Mileage

All expenses made on behalf of the church, and approved in the Rooftop budget, will be reimbursed, in a manner consistent with the Rooftop Employee Manual. Mileage is not reimbursed, but can be deducted as a business expense, and should thereby be recorded.


AREA 1: Ministry Leadership (2-3 hours/wk)

  • Build a new ministry at Rooftop. Identify a need, recruit leaders, publicize the opportunity, and execute.
  • Supervise one or two ministry leaders.

AREA 2: Connections (4 hours/wk)

  • Work with the church staff to oversee the process by which visitors become fully-involved Christ-followers at Rooftop. Meet with visitors and help them get connected in an organized and personable way.

AREA 3: Small Group (4 hours/wk)

  • Lead and teach a small group of Rooftoppers, shepherding its members.
  • Identify and train a co-leader to eventually lead their own group. 

AREA 4: Preach 1-2X twice a semester (2 hrs/wk)

  • Work with the Lead Pastor to prepare two messages throughout the year, and review each message with the Lead Pastor and other staff members.

AREA 5: General Ministry Responsibilities (8-10 hrs/wk)

  • Work with the Lead Pastor to handle the general unassigned tasks of church leadership: pastoral care, administrative duties, etc.
  • Meet with church elders as requested for purposes for encouragement, prayer, support, and accountability.
  • Remain committed to personal holiness and an eager pursuit of spiritual disciplines.
  • Meet with LP and staff regularly for purposes of communication, development and discipleship.
  • Participate in all Rooftop church-wide events.
  • Continue reading and studying as a teacher of God’s word and leader of his people, discussing findings with the Lead Pastor and other co-leaders and mentors.
  • Serve on the Rooftop Deacon team, which meets quarterly throughout the year for purposes of fellowship and development.
  • Meet with the Rooftop staff weekly to discuss ministry updates.


  • Spiritual Gifts should align with the responsibilities outlined in this job description. 
  • Self-starter. Ministry requires a high degree of energy, and the ability to hold oneself accountable to tasks and responsibilities.
  • Organized.
  • Committed to basic Christian orthodoxy, recognizing that Christians have freedom in Christ to disagree and debate any given topic. A cooperative and selfless spirit, not prone to argumentativeness or arrogance. A history of leadership submissive to elders and one capable of working as a team-member with other ministry leaders.
  • Spiritually mature.
  • Honest and forthcoming concerning patterns of sin and past history.
  • Agreement with Rooftop’s theological statement of faith.
  • Committed to Rooftop’s purpose and values as a church. Our purpose as a church is simply To be followers of Christ who make followers of Christ who make followers of Christ. Our values as a church include six: Relevant Teaching, Exciting Worship, Caring Evangelism, Authentic Community, Active Service, and Heart-Felt Prayer.
  • In good standing with the seminary or college (if applicable), he or she is attending.