Paul's Letters to the Thessalonians

There are a lot of crazy churches in the New Testament: Corinth, Galatia. Ephesus. But there are some not-so-crazy ones, too. The Apostle Paul had such a good time with the believers in Thessalonica that he practically wrote them love letters afterwards--letters full of affection and hope. The letters also contain important instruction on how we can spend our time on earth. Jesus is coming soon to bring heaven to earth. But in the meantime, there are plenty of ways to build his kingdom. Paul's prayer for the Thessalonians--and for us--is that we do these things "more and more"--without delay--until the Lord returns to make all things new.

Sermon Reading Plan

Want to dig deeper into Paul's letters to the Thessalonians? Try our weekly reading plan that follows along with the series. Click the button to download it. Or pick up a printed copy at the Connection Desk in the church lobby.

Most Recent Sermon: More and More; Part 7, "God's Will for Your Life"


The One Anothers

The phrase “one another” occurs over 100 times in the New Testament. Learn more as we talk about what it means to love one another, serve one another, greet one another, and submit to one another. 

Religion Redefined

"The Sermon on the Mount is oftentimes forgotten among history's greatest speeches. But no other speech is as well known or has been as influential. Find out why.


“Sin” is a churchy and religious-sounding word that we don’t really understand. But in order to grasp what it means to be forgiven of sins, we need to get what it means to be sinners in the first place.

Six Reason I Might Lose My Faith & Six Reasons I Won't

Belief is hard and doubt is real. Lots of people walk away from Christianity for many reasons. Questioning faith is not a sin. We spent 12 weeks discussing "Six Reasons I Might Lose My Faith, and Six Reasons I Won't."

Wise Guy: The Book of James

James, the half-brother of Jesus, learned a few things from his big bro. He was greatly influenced by Jesus' Sermon on the Mount along with the book of Proverbs. He compiled these lessons of wisdom into what we know now as the Book of James.

The Gospel According to Pixar

Behind Pixar stories lies another story: the gospel story. Pixar is not a Christian company, of course. But many of their stories are accidentally Christian and include themes that come right out of the Bible. Find out what they are!





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