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Voting Roster

Apply for to vote at the State of the Roof meetings

Apply for the Voting Roster here

Rooftop's Voting Roster (VR) is the voting, democratic body that is given the responsibility of approving the proposed annual budget (at the Spring Business meeting) and approving for eldership candidates recommended to the congregation by the existing elder team (at the Fall Business meeting). Under special circumstances, the VR also approves amendments to Rooftop’s Constitution and By-Laws, all by two-thirds majorities.

Requirements for the VR are minimal, but significant, and are listed below. Applications are reviewed by the Elders and subject to their approval. Persons on the VR will remain on the Roster assuming they attend one of the previous two annual business meetings, remain actively involved in the life of the church, and demonstrate a lifestyle devoted to following Christ.

The next State of the Roof Meeting will be held on Friday, October 21, 2022.

Rooftop Church is organized with Bylaws drafted by the Elder Team and approved by the Rooftop Voting Roster. See the latest version here. Rooftop's Updated Bylaws

Apply for the Voting Roster below.