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Big Six Values

What matters most at Rooftop

How to be a healthy church

Our mission at Rooftop is to become followers of Christ, who make followers of Christ, who make followers of Christ. To do that, we try to focus on our Big Six values.

TEACHING that is challenging and creative

Learning who God is and how to live our lives. To value teaching is to study the Bible, listen to sermons, follow Rooftop’s Statement of Faith, and generally live life according to how God says we should, in Scripture. 

WORSHIP that is energetic and engaging

Giving God all the devotion and honor He deserves. To value worship means to come to church, to praise God with singing, to tithe God’s money back to him, and to live a life of devotion to Jesus, who rules over all.

EVANGELISM that is relevant and respectful

Sharing God’s love with others. To value evangelism means to invite people to church, to talk about Jesus to others, to reach out to people who are different from us, and to care about others who don’t know Jesus.

COMMUNITY that is authentic and accessible

Living together as God’s family. To value community, which is sometimes called our “2nd Floor”, means to get to know others at church, to talk about your struggles, to work out conflict like Jesus says, and to live as a member of God’s family — not an isolated Christian. 

SERVICE that is supportive and sacrificial

Prioritizing the needs of others. To value service, which is often called our “3rd Floor”, means to use your talents to serve the church, to help others when they need it, to serve and give to the poor. We do this by joining at least one serving team here at Rooftop.

PRAYER that is intimate and informal

Asking God to do what we can’t do. To value prayer means to pray for your church leaders, to lay hands on the sick, to expect miracles from God, and to ask God’s Spirit to give us strength and wisdom to do his work.