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Support for survivors of sexual trauma

Speak up and find support

Join Rooftop's new ministry designed to support survivors of sexual assault. The gatherings will include worship, prayer, and testimonies. It is open to the public. The group meets regularly at 3 pm on the first and third Saturday each month in the Lounge at Rooftop. Questions? Email Jo Coplin at

New Bible Study

Beginning Oct. 16, the Unashamed group will begin a new Bible study called "Caught in the Act of Grace." This bible study is designed to help women who have been sexually abused to overcome the residuals of that abuse in a safe and down-to-earth manner, using the Bible and psychology in a complementary way. The end goal of the study is to restore women with a desire to minister to others. Fill out the form below to get involved. Learn More

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"It’s such a difficult thing to start a conversation about. And one of my goals is to change that. Sexual assault is one of those tricky things in which the victim carries the shame. It’s time that we stop being ashamed about things that are not our fault.

"I wanted to create this ministry because I am a survivor of sexual assault. And I walked through a journey here at Rooftop surrounded by amazing people who helped me in that very much. I hope to create a safe space for women, wherever they are in their journey, to come here and be with other women who will be able to walk with them and just give them strength.

"Myself, I don’t have a problem talking about it anymore. I can talk about it openly and freely and not feel awkward and uncomfortable about it. There are other women who may not be in the place. It might be difficult for them to hear about it constantly. We as Christians we have to just be Jesus. It’s not our job to judge whether they are telling the truth. It’s not our job to judge how much time has passed. It’s not our job to judge any of those things. If we are going to seek freedom, it’s going to be at the feet of Jesus.

"Sister, you should come to this group if you are at the beginning, middle or end of this journey, you are welcome. I’m thrilled to create a space for you where you will fell love, harmony, and no judgement. And where you will be able to flourish and grow and leave behind you the ashes of this horrible event in your life. "

-- Jonelle Coplin, director of Rooftop’s Unashamed Ministry