Homeless Summer Relief Event

Help the homeless suffering in the heat on Aug. 26.

Help friends like "Maggie"

Summer Relief Event - Monday, Aug. 26 | 6 pm

"Maggie" looks hungry and bruised every time the Rooftop Homeless Outreach team meets her on the streets.

They often see her in the summer months, usually after she's been beaten. She is quiet, humble, and never demands a handout. Team members give her food, clothing and other blessings that Rooftoppers have donated to the ministry.

"She is always grateful," said Justin Stone, the homeless Outreach director. "Sometimes the look in her eye speaks volumes and moves me to tears."

Meetings with friends like "Maggie" make the team want to do more. That's why they are hosting the Summer Relief Event, on Monday, Aug. 26. You can donate items for the operation or see first-hand what our ministry can accomplish. We're looking for more volunteers to serve that night. Meet at the church at 6 pm to carpool downtown.

"We want to ask everyone to get on board and serve with us," Stone said. Questions? Email Justin Stone at service@rooftop.org. Or use the form below to RSVP.

Here's the donations we need for the event. Drop them in the Homeless Outreach bins off the church lobby.



Small hand towels

New underwear (boxers for men, underwear for women)

Wet wipes

Fruit Snacks

Vienna Sausages 

Tuna & cracker combo packs

Various pop top food items

Small bags of chips

Fruit cups

Bottled water

RSVP for the Summer Relief Event