Church Plant

Learn more about our church plant launching 2020.

You're invited to Rooftop 2.0.

What are we doing? Planting a church!

What is the purpose of this church? To be followers of Christ who make followers of Christ who make followers of Christ…

What is the vision for this church? To create a community of conversation for those on the fringes of faith in the rising generation.

What will this church believe? On the essentials of Christianity as outlined in Rooftop’s Statement of Faith, the plant and Rooftop will be theologically identical.

When are we planting? September 2020

Where are we planting? Along the MO-141 corridor

Who will be planting? This new church will draw on existing Rooftoppers of all generations to form its core. Pastor Jacob will be serving as lead pastor and Kelsey Jackson will be leading the worship team.

What will be the relationship between Rooftop and Rooftop 2.0? Though the goal is for this plant to achieve independence, it is the hope and aim of both Rooftop and the church plant to remain in a mutually supportive relationship over the long term.

How can I get involved?

·      Join the prayer team (launching this fall)

·      Assist with pre-launch (communicated as needed)

·      Join the launch team (those committed to beginning and leading at Rooftop 2.0)

To get involved or learn more, contact Pastor Jacob at or 636-429-2901.