Middle School

Students growing together

Students becoming their truest selves

Middle Schoolers are incredible, adaptive, ever-changing, and life-filled people. At Rooftop, we want to help them navigate becoming who they are as young men and women of God. Our teachings help encourage students to explore the scriptures and develop their own understanding of faith. Our small groups help them integrate that faith into every area of their lives.

Join us each Sunday from 3 - 5 pm for Middle School Student Ministry.

So just like Jesus, we take partying pretty seriously around here. Jesus came from a culture that had feasts constantly to celebrate what God had given them. Because of the life and freedom we have in Christ we love to play games, eat food, and learn to be God’s sons and daughters together.


Boys and Girls Events

Sometimes becoming who we are in Christ needs closer groups and serious talks that can’t always happen at our regular gatherings. That's why we have a young men’s program and a young women’s program.


J-Squad is about helping young women feel God’s love and build a community that is unstoppable in their faith. Knowing they are not in this walk alone. We will meet once a month for various events to help encourage, empower, and strengthen identity in their faith in a society that can be a struggle to walk in. For more info about J-Squad, email Contact Kathie Muller

Questions? Contact our Middle School Student Ministry Director Nate Beck at nate@rooftop.org.