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Elder Team

The team who leads Rooftop

Meet our leadership team

God’s really in charge around here. We don’t get to sit in on the Trinity’s board meetings or anything, but we read His memos (that’s the Bible), spend a lot of time praying for His leadership, and try to execute His will. The Elders are a group of volunteers elected by the congregation that handle most of the big decisions, like staffing, vision, theology, and helping clean up big church messes.

The team is always looking for feedback and ways to grow personally and the church. Use the form below to reach out or share your ideas.

Steve Schrage - President

Steve Schrage grew up in a Catholic home, but not until college did he understand what it meant to truly follow Jesus. Steve joined Rooftop just after the church launched in 2001. He has served as an Elder, Small Group Leader, facilities manager, bass player on the worship team, and a lawn mower. Steve’s ministry passion is a mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico, to build homes for the homeless. Steve met his wife, Erin, at Rooftop. They have seven children - Anna, Rachel, Kyra, Mark, Daniel, John, and Nicholas. He’s a project manager for a construction company and loves Rock-n-Roll and Cardinals baseball. Email Steve

Matt Herndon - Vice President

Matt Herndon has been Rooftop’s Lead Pastor since 2000, when he started the church with the help of a bunch of great folks. He’s originally from St. Louis (Parkway North, ’92), went to Truman State, Bethel University, and Covenant Seminary. His wife Michele is a pediatric nurse, and they’ve got three totally awesome children. He’s got a lot of interests, but he loves working on the house and watching movies. Email Matt

Greg Cook

Greg Cook is an attorney who has attended Rooftop for more than 12 years with his wife, Elizabeth, and children - Maggie, Elliott, and Cecilia. He grew up in the church and then “re-committed my life” one summer in college when working at a Christian summer camp (Mountain T.O.P.). He's served with missions, Rooftots Children's Ministry, the Worship Tech Team, and as a Small Group Leader. Email Greg

Blake Ahrens

Blake Ahrens is a middle manager at an insurance company. He and his wife, Gerilyn, have been married 20 years and have three biological children, Andrew, Alyssa, and Jessica, as well as nine foster children over the years. They have attended Rooftop since it was founded in 2001, except for four years in the middle when they lived in Central Illinois. Blake serves on the Greeting and Cleaning teams. Previously, he served a couple of stints on the elder team, led small groups, capital campaigns and a whole bunch of other stuff. Email Blake

Paul Mueller

Paul Mueller is a musician and IT specialist for a construction company. He grew up in a non-practicing Catholic family and found Jesus after college when a friend shared the gospel with him. He joined Rooftop 16 years ago along with his wife, Jennifer, and son, Ben. He has served with the worship and elder team along with many other ministries. Paul loves to lead worship, cook and cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs. Email Paul

Paul Colbert

Paul Colbert works as a manager in the Department of Defense. He became a Christian as a youth but didn’t really understand what it meant until he was a young man in the Army. He connected with a local pastor near Ft. Leonard Wood who challenged him to live for Jesus. Paul leads a small group and serves on the church marketing team. He and his wife, Mandi, have two sons, Porter and Grady. They have attended Rooftop for about 4 years. Email Paul.

Elder Statements

The Elder team occasionally publishes a position paper to clarify the team's beliefs on a specific top. You can find links to those documents below.

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