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Use this form to get publicity for an event or program

Share your event or news

Please fill out this communication form to request any communication/publicity for your Rooftop event or program. Rooftop's staff and marketing team will work with you to create the most effective communications.

Before you make your request:

* Receive proper approval from your staff supervisor or ministry leader for the event.

* Fill out a Calendar/Building request form at

* Make sure you've allowed adequate time for the communication process to be accomplished. Please make your request no later than three weeks before a ministry event and six weeks before a church-wide event otherwise you may not be allowed to promote it as an "Official Rooftop Event".

* Once you make a request, you should receive a response within three business days with a list of publicity you should expect.

Rooftop's Communication Packages

Here’s the general rule: Events that have the biggest potential “kingdom building” impact and target the largest amount of people get more publicity. Events with a smaller impact that target a smaller audience get less publicity. Use the new Rooftop Communication Packages to request your publicity. (Link to the Packages)

Economy: Any (appropriate) non-church or non-ministry event (Examples: Health Fair, Handyman services, Blood Drive, Etc.)

Bronze: General church events, ministry events targeting specific demographics. (Examples: Regularly scheduled ministry meetings such as Missing Pieces or the weekly youth gathering.)

Silver and Silver Plus: Important or unique ministry-led events, on-ramps, new ministries, and annual push for ongoing ministries (Examples: Homeless Outreach Christmas donation push, Green Team launch, Feed My Sheep new volunteer campaign, Newcomer’s Lunch.)

Gold and Gold Plus: Important events that the whole church should know about. (Examples: Next Steps Meeting, Small Group Launch, Summit Series, State of the Roof)

Platinum: Key events that the whole church AND community should know about. (Examples: VBS, Christmas, Easter, Ground Floor Events, Outreach Initiatives)

Please review the Rooftop Church Style Guide before creating or publishing any public communications.

Questions? Contact Heather Gain, Rooftop's Communication Director, at