We are happy to allow you the use of Rooftop Church’s building, which God has graciously put in our care. Please read and understand the Building Use Policy below before completing your building request form.


Priority is given to events in the following order:


TYPE A: Official church events (services, ministry events, small groups, ground-floor events, etc.)


TYPE B: Personal events (weddings, showers, parties, etc.) “sponsored” and attended by Rooftoppers, 18-years and above, who have been attending Rooftop regularly as their exclusive church home for six months. This does not include Trivia Nights because of the fund-raising nature of the activity, the large # of people and the technical needs of the events.


TYPE C: Community events sponsored by all other persons (weddings, birthday parties, recovery groups, etc.), and any Trivia Nights not directly sponsored by a Rooftop Church ministry.


TYPE D: Use for business. (As a spiritual and community organization, and given the availability of other business-spaces available in the area, we do not prioritize use of the building as a place for business.)


The leadership of Rooftop reserves the right to “bump” certain events for those of greater priority to the church — with proper notice (although we do not intend to take advantage of that right.) In the case of any building usage request, the leadership of Rooftop Church reserves the right to make the final determination as to whether or not usage may be authorized.



Facility usage must be coordinated in advance with the Rooftop Schedulers. Rooftop ministry leaders should use the Planning Center Online app to make their requests. Contact a staff member for access.


Church attenders and community members must request space by filling out a BUILDING USE REQUEST FORM. Hard copies are available in the Rooftop Office.


All requests should be made at least TWO WEEKS prior to your event, although we’d prefer more notice. Any request made within two weeks of an event will be accommodated as much as possible, but not guaranteed.


A Rooftop Scheduler will put a “hold” on the calendar once we receive your request and deposit, if applicable. You will be notified when it is approved, which can take up to a week.


Please read this policy in its entirety. We will ask that you acknoldge that your agree to our policy when you fill out a request form. Please ack questions if you don't understand something.

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