Building Reservation

Learn more about using Rooftop's building and make a request.

Using Rooftop's building

We are happy to allow you the use of Rooftop Church’s building, which God has graciously put in our care. Please read and understand the following requirements before completing your building request form.


Priority is given to events in the following order:

TYPE A: Official church events (services, ministry events, small groups, ground-floor events, etc.)

TYPE B: Personal events (weddings, showers, parties, etc.) “sponsored” and attended by Rooftoppers, 18-years and above, who have been attending Rooftop regularly as their exclusive church home for six months. This does not include Trivia Nights because of the fund-raising nature of the activity, the large # of people and the technical needs of the events.

TYPE C: Community events sponsored by all other persons (weddings, birthday parties, recovery groups, etc.), and any Trivia Nights not directly sponsored by a Rooftop Church ministry.

TYPE D: Use for business. (As a spiritual and community organization, and given the availability of other business-spaces available in the area, we do not prioritize use of the building as a place for business.)

The leadership of Rooftop reserves the right to “bump” certain events for those of greater priority to the church — with proper notice (although we do not intend to take advantage of that right.) In the case of any building usage request, the leadership of Rooftop Church reserves the right to make the final determination as to whether or not usage may be authorized.


Facility usage must be coordinated in advance with the Rooftop Schedulers. Rooftop ministry leaders should use the Planning Center Online app to make their requests, which can be found at Contact a staff member for access.

Church attenders and community members must request space by filling out a “Building Use Request” form below. Hard copies are available in the Rooftop Office.

All requests should be made at least TWO WEEKS prior to your event, although we’d prefer more notice. Any request made within two weeks of an event will be accommodated as much as possible, but not guaranteed.

A Rooftop Scheduler will put a “hold” on the calendar once we receive your request and deposit, if applicable. You will be notified when it is approved, which can take up to a week.

Building Use Policy


1) Building Use Fee

TYPE A (Official church events): No charge.

TYPE B (Use by Rooftoppers): No charge.

TYPE C (Community groups & Fund Raisers/Trivia Nights): For community events lasting three hours or less, users must pay a $100 building-use fee for the Welcome Center, Community Center, Worship Center, Youth Center, the Kitchen, Theater or any other classroom or meeting space. Additional hours (beyond 3) will incur an additional charge of $25 per hour. For ongoing use by community groups (such as weekly or monthly meetings), the user may be eligible for 50% reduction in cost.

TYPE D (Business use): For one-time business use, users must pay a $200 building-use fee for the Welcome Center, Community Center, Worship Center, Youth Center, the Kitchen, Theater or any other classroom or meeting space. Additional hours will incur an additional charge of $50 per hour. For ongoing use by any business, the user may be eligible for a negotiated fee reduction.  

2) Facility Manager Fee – Users from outside Rooftop – type C and D will be charged a $20 per hour fee to pay a facilities manager to be on site during an event if it falls outside normal business hours. This fee is also applicable for Trivia Nights.

3) Security Deposit - Anyone using the building for events of type B, C, and D must submit a $100 security deposit and a $200 deposit for use of the Worship Center or Community Center in order to secure the space. The payment – cash or check – will be held and then returned to the user after their event if the space is clean and free of damage. If the Rooftop Scheduler determines the user did not meet the requirements of cleaning and maintaining the space, the deposit will be forfeited.

Deposit check can be mailed to 9217 Gravois Rd. St. Louis, MO 63123 or cash/check can be left in the white mailbox outside the church office door. Check made out to Rooftop Church.

***The Rooftop Building Manager reserves the right to adjust or waive building fees based on individual circumstances. 

Weddings – Fees for weddings are as follows:

The fee for use of the Rooftop Worship Center for a wedding ceremony is $500– which includes the building-use fee for both the rehearsal and ceremony, a sound technician and a Rooftop wedding planner (who will be on site coordinating the rehearsal and ceremony). The $500 wedding fee must be collected no later than two weeks before the wedding. The building-use fee to host a wedding Reception in the Community Center is $300.

A $200 deposit is required at the time a wedding is booked for the ceremony and $200 deposit for a reception space at Rooftop if using the Community Center. The deposit will be returned after the event if the space is clean and free of damage.

If a Rooftop pastor performs the ceremony, the wedding party may be charged up to $200 for officiant fees, pastor's discretion.


 When you use the building, two simple rules of thumb should guide you:

1)   This building is a gift of God, and it represents the sacrificial giving of a lot of people. Use it joyfully for His glory, but do your best to take care of it.

2)  When you are done using the building, remember that others will also want to use. Leave it in great shape, like you would want to find it if you were coming in to do a ministry!

Clean-up Policy - Please leave the facility in a condition better than that in which you found it. Cleaning supplies/equipment can be found in the ground floor cleaning closet and the boiler room. Use the following checklist as you clean-up and shut down the building:

a) Furniture placed back in original places; tables wiped down, folded, and put away (if applicable)

b) All trash taken out to the dumpster and bags replaced.

c) Floor swept, mopped and/or vacuumed as needed.

d) All electronic equipment off – assuming you had permission from appropriate parties to use it in the first place.

e) Turn lights off (except light in front hallway, which is always on for security purposes)

f) All four sets of doors locked – the two entrances in the lobby, the Welcome Center entrance and the third set of doors in near the handicapped ramp. 

Any users who do not follow the clean-up procedures may forfeit their security deposit.

Parking - All of Rooftop’s parking spots are available for any event at the facility. In addition, street parking is available in the nearby neighborhood during weekdays. Please do not park in nearby businesses.

Smoking/Alcohol - Rooftop is a smoke-free facility. Anyone wanting to smoke must do so outside. All ashes and butts must be disposed of properly (i.e. not dropped and left on the ground). Alcohol is allowed in the building with prior consent of a Rooftop Scheduler. Those using our facilities and their guest are required to drink responsibly.

Key Code – A Rooftop Scheduler will issue a one-time-use key code for users to access the building through the lobby for their event. Users will receive their code at least one day in advance. Users may unlock other entrances but must re-lock the doors when departing. The key code will not work past that day.

Kitchen Use – Event hosts may use the sinks, refrigerators, ice machine, microwave and freezer without additional approval. Use of any additional equipment (including the stove/range) requires prior approval from Rooftop’s kitchen manager, who will be contacted by staff once a request is made. All equipment must be cleaned and returned to its storage space. The church’s kitchenware may be used for your event (i.e, metal silverware, serving platters, bowls); the paper products will need to be provided by the party hosting an event (i.e., plates, napkins, styrofoam cups, plastic silverware). If the kitchen is not cleaned, the deposit will be forfeited.

Heating / Cooling - The thermostat has been set to keep the building comfortable at predictable times – the offices and meeting rooms during the day, the entire building (sanctuary) during worship rehearsals and on Sunday mornings. If you need the thermostat adjusted for your own activity and can’t figure out how to do it, contact the office staff.

Liability for damage - Persons using the facility are liable for any damage done to the facility due to the event being held there, unless otherwise directed by the elders of the church.

Contact info - If you need any help with the facility, contact Kelsey Jackson at 314-833-3539 or