Lent Bible Challenge

Rooftop Church is reading the Bible together.


The next 40 days could revolutionize your relationship with God.

What if you spent the next 40 days walking alongside Jesus, listening to His life-changing teachings, watching startling miracles unfold, and falling more in love with God with each page? You’re invited to join the Rooftop community to read through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in 40 days — with a Sabbath rest each week. Our prayer is that at the end, you’ll feel so spiritually full you’ll never want to live on empty again.

So instead of giving up something this Lent season, consider adding - a daily Bible reading time. Beginning March 6, Rooftop Church will be reading scripture together in the YouVersion Bible App. Click the link below to begin the free online plan.

Don't want to use the app?

Click here to download and print a PDF of the reading schedule.