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About Us

More about our story, beliefs, and team.

A different kind of church

Rooftop is a vibrant, casual, and creative church in St. Louis full of imperfect people trying to follow Jesus together like a family. We don't take ourselves too seriously. But we take Jesus very seriously.

Our primary mission is to be followers of Christ, who make followers of Christ, who make followers of Christ. How do we do that?

We set some goals. Here are our goals as a church:

  • Our goal is to make new, sincere, life-long Christ-followers.
  • Our goal is to help Christ-followers grow into mature, reproducing believers who make an impact in their world.
  • Our goal is to help build the kingdom through mission work and church-planting.
  • Our goal is to preach the gospel of salvation through faith in Christ alone, by God’s grace, irrespective of “results.”
  • Our goal is to praise and glorify God in all we do.

Key Practices: What are the key activities we will focus on as a church? We call them the Big 6 Values.


  • Teaching. The church should be a group of people who learn from the Bible to understand who God is and what his will for our lives is.
  • Worship. The church should regularly gather to praise and bring glory to God in all kinds of ways—especially through music and sacrificial giving.
  • Evangelism. The church should join with the Holy Spirit in sharing the good news of the gospel with our family, friends, community, and world.
  • Community. The church should be a spiritual family that loves, supports, and challenges one another.
  • Service. The church should model the love of Jesus by serving the poor and broken in our community and world in practical ways.
  • Prayer. The church should pray to God for strength and guidance, both individually and together as a body. 


Basic Commitments: How do we operate? What are the “rules” around here?


  • Statement of Faith (Our 10 core theological beliefs)
  • Elder Statements (Additional convictions of the church elders)
  • By-laws (Governing founding documents which describe how Rooftop operates organizationally and legally)


Essential Ingredients: What are the personality attributes that make Rooftop Rooftop? What’s, are the essential ingredients to our “special sauce”? 


  • Authenticity. We try to “keep it real.” It’s too easy in church to pretend to be someone you’re not. We don’t pretend to be perfect and try to keep things casual, so people don’t feel like they have to dress themselves up.
  • Relevance. We try to speak to issues that normal people deal with, using the language and tools they do. Knowing there are many doubters and skeptics who don’t believe in Jesus, we’re intentional about welcoming them into our church.
  • Inter-denominational. We like being a place where people of all Christian backgrounds can come and worship Jesus. We focus on Jesus and not take too many positions on “non-essentials.” Where we do have disagreements, we agree to lovingly disagree with open-mindedness, compassion, and humility.
  • Humility. We take Jesus very seriously but not ourselves. We know we’re going to screw up. We laugh at ourselves a lot. We expect a lot of ourselves but know we’re going to fail. Good thing God forgives.

What this means for you

Rooftop is a place where you can come as you are. Bring your questions and your doubts. Work through them with us. We strive to find deep and relevant meaning in God’s Word. It’s a place for those seeking God no matter what station they’re at in life.